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AVEDEX software is intended for automatic analysis of vehicle and pedestrian traffic from video images. The software supports a wide range of video cameras; it can work with any optical arrangement and in severe weather conditions. Since AVEDEX relies on the internal algorithms for traffic analysis completely, the user does not need to install any additional physical sensors or hire professionals.

Results obtained from analysis may be used to improve traffic flow on motor roads, determine composition and density of the traffic, help to arrange optimum traffic routes, build traffic models and form predictions.

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Ability to process video footage captured
from different angles including one of a dashcam

Even in severe weather conditions the accuracy of assessment is up to 99%

Simultaneous processing of up to 8 video
channels from camera feed or pre-recorded video files

Analysis of traffic data for entire camera frame no matter the traffic direction

Pedestrian traffic data collection and assessment of pedestrian zones

Convenient visualisation and export of statistics in form of tables and diagrams


Commercial applications

  • Traffic analysis for assessment of economic feasibility for construction of hotels, filling stations, parking lots, catering facilities, etc.
  • Assessment of ratio between the number of customers to overall traffic (i.e. conversion)

Local government bodies

  • Implementation of analytical part for intelligent transportation system projects
  • Road traffic management based on collected data
  • Improvement of road traffic capacity

Shipping companies

  • Optimisation of logistics processes (cost reduction, increase in volume and delivery rate, decrease of fuel consumption, etc.)
  • Identification of efficient delivery routes

Project and research organisations

  • Assessment of traffic composition
  • Analysis of traffic intensity at a given road section
  • Forecasting of traffic models development

Advertising and consulting agencies

  • Data gathering for estimation of advertising prices along roads
  • Analysis of advertising campaign efficiency

Road construction and maintenance

  • Up-to-date analysis of the road facility use
  • Scheduling of road construction and maintenance
  • Assessment of road bed quality

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    Software Licence

    Performs simultaneous analysis of the visual data
    from 1 to 8 video camera streams or pre-recorded
    archival files

    Hardware-software complex

    Includes the software and required equipment
    (i.e. video camera, tripod, laptop) for mobile use
    when analysing traffic at a specific road section


    Service for processing and analysis of vehicle traffic
    based on customer video footage

    AVEDEX Smart camera

    Multipurpose camera based on “all-in-one” principle,
    which includes a camera, a processing unit and
    software for vehicle traffic classification and counting.


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      Mallenom Technologies

      Developer of intelligent traffic control systems. The company creates its software products based on neural networks of deep learning and machine vision technologies. All products are constantly being refined. Mallenom Technologies has been a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Centre since 2017.