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AVEDEX software is designed for video-based automatic analysis of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The software supports large variety of video cameras and optical layouts, and is capable to process video images received from environments with severe weather conditions. AVEDEX does not rely on physical sensors to count the vehicles and it does not require to be set up by specially trained personnel.

AVEDEX classifies vehicle transport in up to 13 categories, measures the average speed of the vehicle traffic flow and informs about occurrence of traffic jams. The software offers high operational efficiency with relatively low system requirements.

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Vehicle counting and classification

Pedestrian counting

Average traffic speed measurement


Reliable operation – the accuracy reaches 99% due to the implementation of neural networks

Flexibility – works with multiple optical layouts and in severe weather conditions

Simultaneous processing of up to 8 video streams

Processing speed – accelerated mode for video file processing s available

Does not require development of dedicated infrastructure – can utilise cameras that are already installed

Customisation – convenient way to connect different software modules (e.g. pedestrian counting, speed measurement, licence plate recognition, etc.)

AVEDEX for Smart City applications

AVEDEX software can be utilised as a part of large-scale Smart City project and for development of intelligent transportation systems. AVEDEX collects and analyses the traffic flow data. This information can be used for monitoring, modelling and forecasting of the traffic flow.

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  • Forecasting of commodity turnover and sales volume given the traffic near the business facility
  • Assessment of ratio between the number of customers to overall traffic (i.e. conversion rate)
  • Traffic analysis for assessment of economic feasibility for construction of new commercial property
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Municipalities and local government bodies

  • Implementation of analytics for intelligent transportation systems
  • Optimisation of the vehicle traffic flow based on collected data
  • Improvement of the road traffic capacity
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Shipping companies

  • Optimization of logistics processes (reduction of operational costs, increase in the volume and delivery rate, decrease in fuel consumption, etc.)
  • Optimisation of delivery routes
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Engineering organisations

  • Analysis of traffic intensity at a given section of the road
  • Assessment of traffic composition
  • Budget planning for facility construction
  • Forming of predictions for anticipated changes in traffic models
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Advertising and consulting agencies

  • Collection of data for calculation of advertising cost along the roads
  • Assessment of advertising campaign efficiency
  • Assessment of pedestrian traffic volume and capacity for a given point of interest
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Road construction companies

  • Scheduling of road construction
  • Forecasting of the road bed quality
  • Traffic analysis for construction of toll roads, bridges, junctions
  • Planning of the vehicle road category
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AVEDEX.Light license

Counting of vehicle and pedestrian traffic without classification of vehicles

AVEDEX.Classic license

Counting of vehicle and pedestrian traffic with classification of vehicles in 4 categories

AVEDEX.Pro license

Counting of vehicle and pedestrian traffic with classification of vehicles in 13 categories

AVEDEX.Statistics service

Processing and analysis of vehicle and pedestrian traffic based on provided video materials with classification of vehicles in 4 or 7 categories

AVEDEX smart camera

Multifunctional camera that unites a camera, PC and software for counting and classification of vehicles

AVEDEX portable system

Software and necessary equipment for portable use during counting of traffic for a given section of the road

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